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Nathan Bryce, 2013

Nathan K. Bryce is a prolific communicator, using books and modern media to teach a variety of cognitive, social, personal, family, and employment skills that help people succeed in life.

After years of research and thousands of interviews, in 1994 he published the Insight Temperament Instrument—the only personality test to be granted a US patent.

On every continent, from boardrooms to family rooms, and from courtrooms to college classrooms, Nathan’s products help people to understand others better, strengthen interpersonal relationships, successfully motivate others, reduce stress and conflict, increase empathy and tolerance, energize the learning process, and promote effective communication.

To accelerate this work he created the Insight Learning Foundation, an educational organization which continues to reach hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. His enormous website, www.insightlearning.com has more than 20,000 pages dedicated to helping educators become more effective.

1 thought on “About Nate”

  1. Mr.Bryce,

    How could we go about having you speak at our schools? I live in Lake Worth Texas and I feel your teachings would be extremely helpful for our schools. Thank you for taking the time to read my request and have a blessed day!

    Leeah Gordineer

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