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Nathan K. Bryce is also known as "The Temperament Guy", CEO of the Insight Learning Foundation, Author, Anecdotist, Trainer, Inventor, Technophile, Conservative, INTJ, Family Man, and Nerd.

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Three Things You Need to Get to Heaven

This article examines an apocryphal story from the Nag Hammadi where Jesus teaches two apostles why they need to constantly demonstrate faith, love, and work to be admitted into a heavenly kingdom through the grace of Christ.

Becoming Converted

This article explores how to help people who are struggling with their conversion to the Lord. It will focus on WHY this is happening, HOW do you know it is happening, and WHAT we can do about it.

Love One Another

How to elevate our definition of love from the telestial, through the terrestrial, and up to the celestial levels where we love others as God loves us.

Listening to Organ Music

Listening to Organ Music The organ is called the king of instruments for a reason. It is capable of producing some of the most powerful and beautiful sounds you can imagine. It is like having an orchestra at your fingertips, with flutes, clarinets, oboes, trumpets, tubas, strings, chimes, and  dozens of other instruments and permutations …

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Let God Prevail

This spiritual battle genuinely wages within each of us every day and we need to recognize it, don our armor, and draw out our swords. As we decide to hearken and obey the Spirit, we allow God to take the reins and prevail in our lives. In this way we subjugate our short-sighted and inferior will to his and find ourselves engaged in much more meaningful and fulfilling activities, rather than those that tempt us to engage in unimportant and inconsequential activities, despite how pleasurable they appear to be.

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Spiritual Momentum

Remembering What to Do Spiritual Momentum. What a wonderful idea and a beautiful concept taught by to us by the Lord’s prophet a few months ago (see I love how he gave us five specific things to do. To help me remember them, I think about my body. Let me explain. The first thing …

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