I am an organ music lover. Whether I’m listening or performing sacred or secular material, I am constantly amazed at the king of instruments and the ability it has to move my soul. While I’ll never be an excellent organist (because I don’t practice for hours and hours every week), I try to be non-offensive as I play for my local LDS congregation on Sundays. I have lots to learn, and the Internet is filled with wonderful resources. Below are some links that I’ve found particularly helpful.

If you are a piano player and want to learn how to play the organ, I’d recommend first looking at my version of the New LDS Organist training program produced by Dr. Don Cook at the BYU School of Music. I’ve rearranged his resources and created new PDFs with everything you need to complete his course in twelve weeks, spending about about 2-3 hours per week studying and practicing the material. Click here to start your training now!

About Your Calling: Addresses by General Authorities

About Your Calling: Official Church Communication

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General “Hot Spots” of Organ-Related Web Resources

Specific Areas of Interest to Organists

LDS Organist
Organ Music
Recordings and Broadcasts
The Organ Itself
Nate’s Favorite Organists on YouTube
  • Gert van Hoef is a Dutch young adult who started playing organ at age 13 in 2008. He is absolutely brilliant! I love his improvisation on Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.
  • The Scott Brothers are an amazing organ and piano duo. Check out the Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No 2.
  • Tabernacle Organist Richard Elliott is perhaps the best LDS organist alive today. Check out my custom playlist of his works.
  • The avant-garde Cameron Carpenter is another young musician who seems to be shaking up the international organ scene with his mohawk and showmanship.

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