Organ 101

Lessons from the New LDS Organist

The New LDS Organist is a course developed by Dr. Don Cook of the Brigham Young University School of Music to help LDS pianists adapt their skills to the organ as soon as possible. You can visit the course at However, I have taken his lessons, documentation, audio transcriptions, and referenced sheet music and have divided them into 12 downloadable PDF files which you’ll find on this page. I would open up the PDF and follow along with the MP3 audio for that lesson, all while sitting in front of the organ. If you’d rather download and print out the entire 128-page course all at once, please click on the following link: Download All Lessons PDF

Lesson 1. Welcome to Organ Playing

Download Lesson 1 Homework PDF

Lesson 2. First Steps in Pedal Playing

Download Lesson 2 Homework PDF

Lesson 3. Playing Prelude Music that Invites the Spirit

Download Lesson 3 Homework PDF

Lesson 4. Effective Hymn Playing—An Overview

Download Lesson 4 Homework PDF

Lesson 5. Hymn Playing in Shortcut Mode—Playing Hymns Right Now

Download Lesson 5 Homework PDF

Lesson 6. Hymn Playing in Polish Mode—Playing Single Lines in Legato Style

Download Lesson 6 Homework PDF

Lesson 7. Hymn Playing in Polish Mode—Playing Two Independent Lines

Download Lesson 7 Homework PDF

Lesson 8. Hymn Playing in Polish Mode—Playing Three Independent Legato Lines

Download Lesson 8 Homework PDF

Lesson 9. Hymn Playing in Polish Mode—Playing Four Independent Legato Lines

Download Lesson 9 Homework PDF

Lesson 10. Hymn Playing—Deciding When to Tie Repeated Notes

Download Lesson 10 Homework PDF

Lesson 11. Playing Postlude Music Appropriately

Download Lesson 11 Homework PDF

Lesson 12. Continuing Your Organ Training

Download Lesson 12 Homework PDF

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