OR03 Neighborhood Caucus Election Results

Thanks to the kind citizens of our precinct who turned out to vote at the 2014 neighborhood GOP caucus on March 20, 2014, here are the election results:

  • Chair: Nathan Bryce
  • Vice Chair: KJ Stratton
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Paula Bergeson
  • State Delegate: Tom McNeill
  • State Delegate: Dan Olsen
  • County Delegate: Kelvin Clayton
  • County Delegate: Paul Crowley
  • County Delegate: Laura Gilson
  • County Delegate: Jim Shearer

If you are a member of our precinct, feel free to contact us. Our contact information is found here: http://voterclick.com

As a precinct chair, I will not only act as a state and county delegate to the nominating conventions, but participate as a voting member of the Central Committee which is the governing body of the Utah County Republican Party. http://ucrp.org

While it may take hundreds of hours to properly serve in this voluntary position, it will be an honor to act in this capacity for the next two years. I will identify and endorse candidates and issues that not only reflect the political viewpoints that got me elected, but also receive advice and feedback from the members of my precinct to make sure that I continue to represent the majority.

My job, and the point of this section of my personal blog, is to keep the members of our precinct informed about my thinking process and to whom and what issues I am currently leaning.

Regardless of which political party to belong to—if any—if you’re in my precinct or want to be elected to serve the people of my precinct, I’d love to talk with you so that we can make sure we have a good but limited government that serves the people by defending their liberty and rights, particularly those enumerated in our country’s founding documents.

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