Who Might Get My Vote at the Utah County Republican Convention

Well, it has been a whirlwind couple of weeks as I’ve been hearing from and learning about the local candidates who are seeking my vote at the upcoming Republican party conventions.

As I promised at our precinct caucus and on this blog, I have been trying to identify the candidates and their positions so I can determine whether or not they align with the principles and values that got me elected as a precinct chair. To date, I’ve spoken with most of the candidates, read everything on their websites, watch some of their debates, read their emails and propaganda, broke bread with some of them, and received many answers to my questions. And, with one week to go before the Utah County convention on April 12, and three weeks before the Utah State convention on April 26, I plan to continue to spend some time re-evaluating my evaluations, as well as receiving feedback from those readers who want to provide it. If I’ve got something wrong, please tell me about it.

In general, I am impressed with the candidates I’ve met—many of whom seem to share similar values as the people in my precinct. Of course, these are politicians I’m talking with, so you also have to read between their lines, observe their body language, talk with others who have personal experience with these candidates, watch how the candidates treat the delegates, listen to how the candidates talk about their opponents, conduct additional research to learn about their history and political viewpoints, try to form some sort of rational judgement, and then perform a “gut check” to see if it all feels right and makes sense. For incumbents, that isn’t so hard to do (especially since I have a bias against career politicians); but for the newbies, it requires a little bit of effort to see behind the campaign mask and expose more of their true character. And as a guy who makes his living identifying the character and personality of individuals, this has been quite the challenge.

Before I review the races that are in contest and which candidates I am leaning towards, here is the information you need to know about my precinct. I can only vote for candidates in these specific areas:

  • US Congressional District #3
  • Utah State Senate District #14
  • Utah State House District #48
  • Utah State School Board #12
  • Alpine School District #7
  • Utah County Precinct #OR03

Below are my current rankings for the candidates: 1=Favorite, 2=Next Most Favorite, etc. While there are some candidates for whom I would rather not vote, they nevertheless have a ranking.

Federal Offices

U.S. House of Representatives (2) year term

Third Congressional District

Utah State Executive

Attorney General (2) year term

Utah State House of Representatives (2) year term

District 48

Utah County Offices

Commission Seat (A) (4) year term

Commission Seat (B) (4) year term

Assessor (6) year term

Attorney (4) year term

  • (1) Ben Stanley | http://www.voteben.com
  • (2) Jeffrey R Buhman | http://www.countyattorneybuhman.com (Incumbent)

Clerk/Auditor (4) year term

Recorder (6) year term

Sheriff (4) year term

Surveyor (6) year term

Treasurer (6) year term

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