250 Wholesome Family Activities

Here is a list of wholesome family activities I created for a family conference. Some of the activities are specific to my religion and my community in Utah, but there are many that would work no matter where you live!

  1. Read a wholesome magazine (like a church magazine) from cover-to-cover
  2. Prepare future talks or lessons for church meetings
  3. Prepare Family Home Evening lessons
  4. Visit those you know who are in the hospital
  5. Enroll in an institute or self-improvement class
  6. Find someone who needs a ride to meetings, errands, or appointments
  7. Visit someone who is unable to leave their residence
  8. Have family scripture study
  9. Take a tour of the buildings on Temple Square
  10. Visit a church heritage site, such as “This is the Place”
  11. Go window shopping with a family member
  12. Give time to a nursing home or to others who may need help reading letters from loved ones or writing them
  13. Re-visit families on your Home and Visiting teaching routes that may need to be visited
  14. Utilize time together in the car or at dinner to talk about things that are important to a family member
  15. Teach someone something you learned this week
  16. Discuss what you learned in school or at church
  17. Check out multi-media resources from the public or church library
  18. Listen to scripture audio recordings or view scripture-related videos
  19. Visit websites that are uplifting and edifying
  20. Learn some words from a foreign language
  21. Start a family book club, where everyone in the family reads the same book during a month and then discusses it one night
  22. Watch an educational or inspirational television program
  23. Read a scripture story book to a child
  24. Pair up with a different family member to accomplish some activity
  25. Fix an unusual or creative meal for the family
  26. Learn how to read, interpret, or lead music
  27. Prepare stories about your family members to tell them
  28. Tell younger people about the funny thing you did when you were their age
  29. Have grandma or grandpa tell stories about themselves or the lives of other relatives
  30. Decorate special jars for tithing and mission funds
  31. Take a nature walk as a family and discuss the wonders of nature
  32. Make a list of all your blessings
  33. Invite distant relatives for a visit or go visit them
  34. Decorate a “Things to Do as a Family” box and fill it with ideas
  35. Plan and rehearse a family musical recital then perform it at a nursing home or a children’s hospital
  36. Make shadow portraits or silhouettes of family members or famous people from history
  37. Make phone calls, write letters, or send emails to special friends and loved ones to let them know you’re thinking of them
  38. Prepare home or visiting teaching messages for the month
  39. Set goals for Church programs (Faith in God, Personal Progress, Duty to God, etc.) and chart your success each week
  40. Compose an original song expressing a lovely thought or deed
  41. Develop greater love and appreciation for music by listening to great works
  42. As a family, create a family banner (with a slogan, crest, or logo) and unfurl it during family home evenings or other special family occasions
  43. Learn a skill such as knitting or crocheting and make a gift for a friend
  44. Customize copies of the Book of Mormon for the missionaries to give out by marking important scriptures and adding your personal testimony
  45. Produce a puppet show
  46. Dramatize events from history (religious or secular), including simple props and costumes
  47. Form a rhythm band with homemade instruments
  48. Take turns role playing and acting out stories
  49. Have each family member make a personal scrap book Include pictures, important letters, certificates, and other meaningful papers
  50. Write a story with a good moral to it, then illustrate it or turn it into an audio recording with sound effects and music
  51. Make a video journal
  52. Write a simple blog with weekly or daily entries
  53. Write down your testimony or record it for your posterity
  54. Compose some uplifting poetry
  55. Hand-write letters, thank-you cards, get-well notes, and other “thinking-of-you” notes
  56. Sculpt something out of salt dough or clay
  57. Read some pages out of Preach My Gospel
  58. Make puzzles from pictures in old magazines
  59. Clip and file favorite articles or recipes from publications for future reference
  60. Create visual aids for lessons and talks by removing pictures from old church magazines and mounting them
  61. Remember the birthdays of your friends, neighbors, colleagues, leaders, class members, and family members
  62. Make a scroll story with butcher paper and two sticks
  63. Plan a family service project Ask your church or community leaders for ideas
  64. Invent a Church-related game or play one you may already have
  65. Learn about a significant event or person from history and teach your family about it
  66. Identify a personal hero or role-model from history
  67. Become more involved in your local politics
  68. Volunteer at a local charity, food bank, or homeless shelter
  69. Walk around the neighborhood and pick up trash or sweep sidewalks
  70. Have a free carwash for your neighbors
  71. Learn about a different religion and read some of their scriptures
  72. Identify someone who can mentor you in acquiring a new skill or virtue
  73. Study local, world, or national history and politics
  74. Create dot-to-dot pictures of objects or draw mazes for other family members to complete
  75. Memorize scriptures, hymns, proverbs, stories, factoids, wholesome jokes, or poems
  76. Read a good play as a family and have each member assume one or more parts
  77. Have a story swap Each member of the family must have a story of courage or valor to swap about a relative, leader, or famous person
  78. Listen to or watch recordings of General Conference
  79. Practice playing or singing hymns
  80. Look at books containing great works of art Discuss each painting
  81. Perform a secret act of kindness for a family member
  82. Do someone else’s household chores
  83. Set a goal to do something that is missionary-oriented
  84. Go to the temple this week
  85. Invite a family or an individual to participate with your family in an activity
  86. Attend a sporting event or competition
  87. Try to make a family member laugh
  88. Have personal family interviews
  89. Contribute to a family newsletter to send to friends and relatives
  90. Write a giant letter to a missionary (each person writes his letter on the same large piece of butcher paper)
  91. Plan a family outing, picnic, camp out, vacation, or holiday
  92. Make a photo album for each family member Include pictures of themselves at different ages, other family members, and special events
  93. Take a few minutes to plan next week’s activities and make assignments
  94. Search the house and garage for items to donate to a local charity
  95. Take notes from meetings and events for people who are unable to attend
  96. Practice your pondering skills as a family by sitting quietly together for a short period of time while listening to quiet music
  97. Have a family Olympics in the backyard or at a local park
  98. Find a white board or chalk board and play Hang Man or Word Scrambles
  99. Hold a family Spelling Bee or Knowledge Bowl
  100. Make a list of your talents and interests
  101. Write a note to a family member telling them why you love them
  102. Play games to memorize the names and faces of church leaders, past and present
  103. Appoint yourself to the unofficial Neighborhood Welcoming Committee
  104. Have an object lesson contest in your family Pick one or two items around the house—any simple tool or item—and have everyone come up with story about how that item can illustrate a principle or a characteristic
  105. Memorize a scripture
  106. Write a short three-to-five minute talk, deliver it to your family, and file it away for future reference
  107. Visit the zoo
  108. Find out about your area’s community center and/or park activities
  109. Wash your dog or a neighbor’s dog
  110. Have a family slumber party
  111. Act in a community play
  112. Join a community or church choir
  113. Go to an outdoor festival or performance
  114. Attend a rehearsal or a performance of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  115. Build a fort out of large appliance boxes, sheets, and pillows
  116. Look through the family photo album
  117. Research your family history
  118. Do some research at a Family History library
  119. Play stickball
  120. Play kickball
  121. Play volleyball
  122. Play tennis
  123. Play racquetball
  124. Play hopscotch
  125. Play board games
  126. Have a leg or arm wrestling competition
  127. Pull sticks
  128. Go on a scavenger hunt or go geo-caching
  129. Rake leaves for a neighbor
  130. Shovel snow for a neighbor
  131. Pull weeds for a neighbor
  132. Clean the house together
  133. Fly kites
  134. Go on a family trip/historical excursion
  135. Go sledding or build a snowman
  136. Make a collage out of pictures from old magazines
  137. Set up a lemonade stand on a warm day
  138. Shoot hoops together Play HORSE
  139. Draw pictures of members of your family
  140. Tell stories around a campfire or barbecue grill
  141. Organize a game of capture the flag
  142. Go to the theatre and watch a play
  143. Make miniature boats and float them in some water
  144. Write letters to grandparents or a missionary
  145. Have a paper airplane design contest
  146. Play freeze-tag
  147. Tell scary stories with the lights out
  148. Play broom ball
  149. Go for a hike
  150. Go for a bike ride together
  151. Go get an ice cream cone and walk around a park
  152. Learn to play the ukulele or harmonica together
  153. Listen to classical music, lights off, lying on the floor, and take turns saying what it sounds like
  154. Attend community concerts or listen to a local band
  155. Organize a community clean-up
  156. Walk around a college campus and talk about what you can learn there
  157. Visit the library
  158. Attend a story-telling festival
  159. Go ice skating or roller skating/blading
  160. Paint a picture, a mural, or a room
  161. Learn how to use a compass
  162. Organize emergency 72-hour kits
  163. Plant a tree or some flowers
  164. Learn the metric system
  165. Fix a broken appliance
  166. Learn sign language
  167. Learn Morse code
  168. Go swimming
  169. Go bird watching
  170. Walk your dog or a neighbor’s dog
  171. Visit the countryside
  172. Visit the city via bus or train
  173. Pick berries/fruit together
  174. Bake cookies, muffins, or bread
  175. Make homemade jam
  176. Build a sculpture out of sugar cubes, popsicle sticks, or paper clips and straws
  177. Take treats to neighbors or friends
  178. Plant a garden
  179. Join a choir
  180. Start a family journal
  181. Go to a museum
  182. Go to an expo or exhibition show at a convention center
  183. Learn how to use an appropriate weapon
  184. Take a self-defense class
  185. Play wholesome (non-gambling) card games
  186. Learn how to hem a pair of pants and sew on a button
  187. Start an exercise group
  188. Sing in the car
  189. Have a family video game tournament night
  190. Go miniature golfing
  191. Visit a local bookstore
  192. Teach someone how to ride a bike or drive a car
  193. Make crafts together Give them away
  194. Make Christmas ornaments together
  195. Write a story together
  196. Put a sleeping bag out in the back yard and watch the night sky through binoculars
  197. Go fishing
  198. Play touch football
  199. Have a culture night by making a meal and learning about another culture
  200. Take photographs
  201. Have a cupcake decorating contest
  202. Make a video
  203. Invite friends over and cook foreign food
  204. Do yard work together
  205. Play Frisbee or Ultimate Frisbee
  206. Make your own greeting cards for the holidays or birthdays
  207. Play chess, bridge, or checkers
  208. Go camping
  209. Go for a long walk
  210. Play charades
  211. Do a rain dance
  212. Go around the table after dinner and have everyone say what they love best about each other
  213. Go dancing, have a family dance, or take a dance class together
  214. Climb a tree
  215. Go to the gym as a family
  216. Watch the sunset or sunrise
  217. Have a big party and celebrate a TV free week
  218. Have a picnic (If it’s raining, have a picnic in the family room on a blanket)
  219. Invite someone you don’t know really well over for a barbecue
  220. Visit a planetarium
  221. Memorize the Articles of Faith
  222. Memorize a favorite hymn
  223. Learn how to fold the national flag Have a patriotic night Have a flag ceremony
  224. Visit an elderly person or someone who is shut-in
  225. Have a first-aid night
  226. Learn what to do if you are lost
  227. Draw a comic strip
  228. Make homemade candy
  229. Have a budgeting class and save for a family trip
  230. Have a family member teach you about their hobbies or interests
  231. Learn how to build a fire and cook hot dogs
  232. Have an etiquette and manners night then practice your skills over a formal dinner
  233. Talk about drug and alcohol use
  234. Have a friend come and discuss good nutrition and health practices (because kids don’t listen to parents)
  235. Learn basic home repairs
  236. Prepare a family group sheet/four generation pedigree chart
  237. Interview an older family member and record their recollections
  238. Start a family collection of books, leaves, music, coins, rocks, shells, stories, clothes, treasures, etc.
  239. Have a family testimony meeting
  240. Eat a meal under the kitchen table
  241. Take a road trip and visit a state or national park
  242. Have a bubble gum blowing contest
  243. Blow soap bubbles outside with different blowing instruments
  244. Have a baking or cooking contest
  245. Adopt a grandma or grandpa from the neighborhood
  246. Watch an old black and white classic movie together
  247. Make a family goal chart
  248. Learn to play golf together
  249. Make a family cook book
  250. Solve a puzzle together (crossword, word search, or jigsaw)

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