The Message by Lance Richardson

If a man were to die, and then return, what message might those from the world beyond send back to us?

While spending Christmas at my in-law’s house in 2010, I pulled a small book off one of their bookshelves to read during a quiet afternoon. The book, The Message, ended up being one of the most inspirational and insightful books that I read that year, and one that has had a continued influence on the way I treat other people.

The Message is an autobiography of a young father who was injured in a motorcycle accident on Christmas Day in 1998, and had the rare opportunity of dying, then living again. This book is an account of his some of his experiences on the other side of the veil—the more sacred experiences he kept to himself.

While I don’t want to spoil your experience of reading this book, and I highly recommend grabbing a copy from a bookstore (ISBN 978-1889025049), let me tempt you with a few questions that he had answered:

  • Why is there a veil that separates the world of the living from the dead?
  • Who greets you when you pass away?
  • Do you experience emotions without a physical body?
  • What is the role of family on the other side?
  • Do people appear as they were when they died?
  • What clothes do people wear?
  • How do deceased family members affect the lives of their descendents?
  • Are the righteous separated from the wicked?
  • What is the difference between “paradise” and “prison?”
  • Who are your “guardian angels?”
  • Do people who have died still eat and drink? And if so, what?
  • What does the Spirit World look like?
  • Why are there temples on the other side?
  • Will you remember your premortal existence?
  • Are their golf courses in heaven?
  • Can animals talk?
  • What activities occupy your time when you die?
  • Why do so many people seem to be in a hurry on the other side?
  • Can you instantly move from one location to another?
  • Can you review important historical events?
  • Do deceased people use mental telepathy?
  • Do you meet Jesus?
  • Where do resurrected beings live?
  • What role does the Holy Ghost play on the other side?
  • Where is the throne of God?
  • Why do people hug on the other side?
  • Who do bad things happen to good people?
  • Were the American Founding Fathers really inspired?
  • What is the most important thing that people should do while they’re still alive?

Provocative questions, aren’t they? If you had the answers to these questions, would it change your life? It did for Lance Anderson, who, after he finally came back from the other side, spent the rest of his life delivering the message he was asked to deliver: a message about love and service and unselfish charity.

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