Month: September 2011

The Message by Lance Richardson

If a man were to die, and then return, what message might those from the world beyond send back to us? “The Message”, by Lance Richardson, is the story of one man’s experience of life after death.

The Great Apostasy by James E. Talmage

I just finished reading The Great Apostasy by Dr. James Edward Talmage. Despite the fact that he was a president of the University of Utah, thus a Ute fan, his 102 year-old book still fills a dark room with brilliant light. Check out its PDF, scanned from the stacks at Brigham Young University (go Cougars!) at

Improving Your Memory: ASOE

In order to remember something, you first need to make it memorable. You need to picture it in your mind’s eye and it needs to be so unusual that it is hard to forget. Image that your are a world class animator working for the Walt Disney Company. Your job is to “cartoonize” the world …

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